Our Team

The FOXSI-4 team is composed of scientists, professors, engineers, and students who represent institutions across the world. Members are grouped by their institutional affiliation, and each person's primary role on the project is listed after their name.

University of Minnesota

Lindsay Glesener, Principal Investigator
Athanasios Pantazides, Project Manager
Yixian Zhang, Graduate Student (Detectors + Science)
Kris Cooper, Postdoctoral Researcher (Detectors + Science)
Phil Williams, Electrical Engineer

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University of California Berkeley / SSL

Milo Buitrago-Casas, Optics + Science
Sasha Courtade, Berkeley Project Manager
Hunter Kanniainen, Mechanical Engineer + Berkeley Project Manager
Säm Krucker*, Science
Juan Carlos Martínez Oliveros, Detectors
Savannah Perez-Piel, Specialist/Detectors
Anton Tremsin, Detectors

*Also affiliated with FHNW


NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Steven Christe, Science
Kelsey Gilchrist, Undergraduate Student (Attenuators)
Eliad Peretz, Attenuators


NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

Wayne Baumgartner, Optics
Steve Bongiorno, Optics
Patrick Champey, Optics
Grant Davis, Graduate Student (Optics)
Anthony Guillory, Optics
Jeff Kolodzjieczak, Optics
Jeff McCracken, Optics
Chet Speegle, Optics
P.S. Athiray, Science


University of Tokyo IPMU

Tadayuki Takahashi, Science/Detectors
Shin Watanabe*, Detectors
Takahiro Minami, Detectors
Shunsaku Nagasawa, Detectors

*Also affiliated with JAXA ISAS


Nagoya University

Ikuyuki Mitsuishi, Science/Optics
Koki Sakuta, Graduate Student (Optics)
Kazuki Ampuku, Undergraduate Student (Optics)
Tetsuo Kano
Naoki Ishida


Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz (FHNW)

Säm Krucker, Science Dan Ryan, Science


National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ)

Noriyuki Narukage, Science / CMOS Detectors
Riko Shimizu, Science / CMOS Detectors
Yoshiaki Sato, Science / CMOS Detectors
Sota Kashima, Science / CMOS Detectors  


Johns Hopkins University APL

Julie Vievering, Science / Flare Campaign Lead
Sophie Musset, Science