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Figure 3 from Furukawa et al. (2018): 241Am spectrum taken at -20°C with a biais voltage of 200 V. The energy resolution is 0.8 keV at 13.9 keV and 1.3 keV at 59.5 keV.
Ishikawa 2017 figure
Figure 1 from Ishikawa et al. (2017) displaying an image and lightcurves of HXR and SXR emissions. 
Milo SPIE paper figures
Figure 1 from Buitrago-Casas et al. (2017) illustrating the negative impact of singly-reflected rays on FOXSI optics.
Milo SPIE paper figure 2
Figure 6 from Buitrago-Casas et al. (2017) depicting a titanium 3D-printed collimator, which will fly with FOXSI-3 as one solution for minimizing ghost rays. 
Athiray SPIE 2017 figure 5
Figure 5 of Subramania et al. (2017) comparing old and improved detector calibration with temperature estimates from a FOXSI-2 micro flare observation to exemplify the improvements acheived.